{quarterly update…..*sigh*}

Oh, where does the time go?  It honestly doesn’t feel like almost 2 ½ months since my last update.  It feels more like 2 ½ weeks.  But I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy. So, to update…. Ryann has officially finished 7th grade and Kamri has finished 5th.  Grant was following a much […]

{epic blogger fail…..}

Sometimes I seriously question why I even try…..this blogging thing is tough to keep up with.  Sheesh! But then I look back at posts from the past when my babies were much more akin to ACTUAL babies, and I remember……even if I post rarely, I’m still documenting our lives and will be able to hold […]

{a challenge for the home…}

I don’t know about anyone else, but my home has felt a little wonky lately.  This could be caused by a number of things…..but I’m pretty sure that my current level of sleep deprivation plays a big role.  When I’m exhausted, I’m cranky….and when I’m cranky my whole family suffers. So, when I saw that Courtney […]

{a belated update….}

Does anyone else have an issue with time flying by at breakneck speed?? I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that this post has taken me four days to write……four. days. Life seems to be passing so quickly these days that I can barely keep up. These kiddos are going to be […]

{weekly recap ~7/13-7/19}

This week has been absolutely FULL of activity!  So full that I’m thinking I might need a small break!  Haha… We started off the week by celebrating this girl’s 12th birthday on Sunday….although we didn’t celebrate with family until later in the week.  I still can’t believe that we’ve already come this far.  It seems […]

{weekly recap ~ 6/29-7/5}

Do you ever have weeks that go by so quickly that the next week, you can barely remember what you did?  Well, that’s what last week was like for us.  But here are the highlights…..maybe this way I won’t completely forget the good stuff. Monday, the two littlest littles and I went to Mommy Playgroup at […]

{it’s called what, son???}

  As a parent, there are conversations you have with your children that you know you’ll want to remember.  I had just such a conversation with Grant last week. For Father’s Day this year, Grant picked out this card since he knows that his Daddy loves to play golf.  In fact, Grant gets to tag along […]

{Chyler Jade ~ 8 week update}

So, it was only AFTER beginning the draft of this post that I realized I never published the 4 week update. What can I say…..sleep deprived mommy brain wins again!  Heh But, nonetheless, here we are at 8 weeks.  And we are so absolutely in love with this little girl.  I mean, come on…..how can […]

{Chyler Jade ~ Month 1}

It seems almost impossible to me that this precious little girl has already been in our lives for one full month! It seems like just yesterday that we were loading up in the family car to make the drive to the hospital, still unsure if we would be welcoming a healthy baby girl or boy. […]

{a look at what’s to come}

Initially this was going to be a post about our little noodle.  But I’ve realized that an update is overdue for us all.  So here ya go!! We are currently smack dab in the middle of a renovation project on the house that will FINALLY allow for everyone to have the amount of living space […]

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