{epic blogger fail…..}

Sometimes I seriously question why I even try…..this blogging thing is tough to keep up with.  Sheesh!

But then I look back at posts from the past when my babies were much more akin to ACTUAL babies, and I remember……even if I post rarely, I’m still documenting our lives and will be able to hold onto memories much longer than if they stay stuck in my head.

So, what have we been up to over the past 4 months??  Growing, learning, laughing, living, and loving on each other a whole whole lot!  Here’s an update.

Ryann and Kamri are doing really well in school.  We are at the point in the school year when we sit down and assess where we are on our homeschool journey and if we still feel like this is the right fit for us.  This is a decision that we make based on what is best for each individual child, not the group as a whole.  At this point, Kamri is still very much wanting to continue being homeschooled and Ryann is on the fence.  There are benefits to both, as she sees it.  And I completely agree with her.  So, we are still not 100% sure where she will be next year (but I think we are all leaning a little more toward the side of homeschool again).  We shall see.

Grant, our super big super smart little stinker, had a birthday last month and is immensely proud to tell everyone he meets now that he is FIVE!!  It’s hard for me to believe that he’s already so grown and independent.  Luckily for mommy, however, he still likes to enjoy the occasional snuggle session……and you better believe, I take advantage of that every chance I get!!  We are still working on PreK/Kindergarten work for Grant and very soon we are going to start being more aggressive with his reading lessons.  I believe that kiddo is smart enough….it won’t take him long at all to learn how to read.  And that’s something that I know he’s going to LOVE!

Little Miss Chyler (aka Princess Girl in our house) will be turning ONE in just under three weeks.  And remember in my last post that she was learning how to stand on her own and taking baby steps??  Well, at nine months old she learned how to walk completely unassisted and now she’s practically running!  I’m telling you, that girl is sometimes hard to keep up with.  You’ll set her down in one spot, turn around to pick something up, turn back around and she’s made it to the other end of the house!  It’s CRAZY!!  She has also cut her first two teeth…..but this development has only come about in the past couple of weeks.  She’s still nursing exclusively and we are so excited (trust me, she’s excited) that we are going to hit our goal of breastfeeding for the entire first year!!!  That’s a really big deal…..only something like 8% of moms who start out breastfeeding actually stick it out for a full year.  And that’s because it’s not easy….there were times that we had to overcome obstacles.  But I was determined to not give up ~ and she was determined to eat.  🙂

Ryann, Kamri and Grant are all playing soccer again this spring.  I love watching my babies play and have such a good time!  And, believe me, it’s a commitment as well.  For the 3-4 weeks leading up to the first game we have practices everyday of the week except Sunday.  It’s quite a bit of driving to and from the next town (about 20 minutes away)…..but it’s worth every bit of time spent in the car when I get to see them making friends and having such fun!

The Mister and I are pretty much the same old boring people we’ve been all along.  Haha

Steve is still working at the cabinet shop during the week and bowling the occasional tournament on the weekend.  In the past month, he has made about $1000 bowling….that man has skills!  😉    Those skills definitely help pay for some of the extra stuff we got goin’ on around here, too!

And speaking of stuff goin’ on around here, during the month of February, we did a somewhat large home remodeling project that was a long time coming.  We had almost all of the house interior painted by a professional….and it looks SO much better!  When you live in a house that’s 100 years old, you gotta spend a little time and money on the details.  We are so happy to have that behind us….I thought for a while I was going to lose my mind.  Now there are just a few projects left to work on….but we are taking a small break from home improvement projects for a little while.

So, that’s about it for us.  We have been doing a better job of making videos.  Those are going to be up on my new channel and you can find them here.   I have several videos in line waiting to be uploaded.  But for some reason my internet is especially slow lately…so it’s taking a ridiculously long time to get them posted.  We’re just gonna keep chugging along though.  So, check us out!

We hope that you are all doing well and are finding yourselves incredibly blessed this spring!

Be well,


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