{weekly recap ~7/13-7/19}

This week has been absolutely FULL of activity!  So full that I’m thinking I might need a small break!  Haha…

Ryann's CollageWe started off the week by celebrating this girl’s 12th birthday on Sunday….although we didn’t celebrate with family until later in the week.  I still can’t believe that we’ve already come this far.  It seems like time flies by SO fast!!

I love looking back at pictures of my babies and seeing how much they’ve grown.  And yet, somehow, they look exactly the same to me no matter how big they get.  LOL

Ryann has been such a blessing to us.  She is one of my biggest helps around the house, both with homemaking responsibilities and when it comes to helping out with the littlest littles.  😉

I seriously don’t know what I would do without this one.  I ❤ her!!


Monday was a kind of atypical day for us because we didn’t go to playgroup as we’ve become accustomed to doing.  Instead we spent the day at home prepping for our very busy week.

Tuesday was grocery/errand day, not my favorite day by any stretch of the imagination, but a necessity nonetheless.  Surprisingly, Chyler did really well when we were at Wally World (which doesn’t usually happen) so we were able to get in and out within 45 minutes.  That’s always a bonus!

Although it's hard to see Chyler, there are actually 4 littles in this picture and that makes for one very happy mommy!

Although it’s hard to see Chyler, there are actually 4 littles in this picture and that makes for one very happy mommy!

Wednesday we were all up bright and early to make the drive to Ennis where we were meeting Kamri’s dad to pick her up.  I was beyond excited because my sweet girl had been gone for 6 weeks…..no, 43 days to be exact!  I couldn’t wait to see her and hear all about her summer vacation in Colorado!

Bubby's favorite "sunny up side" eggs

Bubby’s favorite “sunny up side” eggs

Thursday morning I decided to make a hot breakfast for the kiddos, which I do a couple of times a week…..but I thought it would be nice since it was Kamri’s first morning back home.  Bubby informed me that it was “the best breakfast ever”.  Later that evening, at Ryann’s birthday party, we had chicken fettucine alfredo (her birthday dinner request) with the whole extended family, which Bubby exclaimed was “the best dinner ever”.  Apparently I was on a roll that day.  🙂

Friday afternoon, Ryann went back to her dad’s house for the weekend, and the rest of us had a relaxing day at home…..something we were all in need of.


This sweet girl turned 12 weeks old this week!

This sweet girl turned 12 weeks old this week!

Chyler hasn’t been sleeping well this week.  She’s having a lot of tummy issues at night that keep her from getting more than an hour of sleep at a time.  Another way you can read that last sentence is “Mommy hasn’t been getting more than an hour of sleep at a time lately……so Mommy is very very tired”.  I really hope this is something that she manages to get past quickly since it’s heartbreaking to hear her cry when her stomach hurts.

Saturday morning I went and picked up donuts from our favorite little donut shop in town…..and this picture is WHY it’s our favorite.  Aren’t they the cutest little donuts you’ve ever seen???  They’re called “munchkins” and they are basically like little donut holes with 10x the cute factor!  Eek!!!  The picture doesn’t even do justice for just how adorable these things are!

the munchkin.....regular donut for scale

the munchkin…..regular donut for scale

So, that was our week……Saturday we had another “relaxing” day at home in which Mommy and Chyler tried to catch up on some sleep….but weren’t very successful.  So I did laundry and cleaned house instead.  Blegh!

Hope you all had a wonderful week and that wherever you are you are well!

Melony 🙂


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