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Dallas Zoo – May 2015

Oh, where does the time go?  It honestly doesn’t feel like almost 2 ½ months since my last update.  It feels more like 2 ½ weeks.  But I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy.

So, to update….

Ryann has officially finished 7th grade and Kamri has finished 5th.  Grant was following a much more relaxed school “schedule” but that will be changing in the fall, as he’ll be starting Kindergarten/1st Grade work.  We are still undecided at this moment if we will continue homeschooling or enroll the kids in public school.  But it’s a decision that needs to be made soon, so I’ll be posting more on that when we have made our decision.

Soccer season this year was a complete bust, as we had a record month for rainfall here in Texas.  All of the kids participated in practices, but didn’t get to play in very many games since the majority of them were rained out/cancelled.  In fact, the committee that runs our particular league decided to cancel the season when they realized that it just wasn’t working out.  Of course my kiddos were disappointed by this, but they all understood that there was nothing that could be done about it.  So, now we are looking forward to the next opportunity to play again.

Grant's Soccer Game

Grant’s Soccer Game

Miss Chyler turned one on April 24th and we all loved getting to celebrate with her.  It’s amazing to me how fast that first year (and all of the ones that follow apparently) zooms right on by.  At this point we are busy chasing her around that house and doing our best to keep her out of trouble.  That little girl can certainly make a mess of a room quicker than you can blink an eye.  She is still nursing, but usually only 2-3 times a day.  I’m not sure that she will be continuing for much longer, however, as she is already starting to show signs that she’s ready to wean.  She still only has two teeth…..but that doesn’t stop her from chowing down on some food.  It’s amazing and a little

Happy 1st Birthday, Chyler!!

Happy 1st Birthday, Chyler!!

confounding to see what that girl can put away!!  Haha

Right around Chyler’s birthday we added two new additions to our little pet family.  We now have a Red-Eared Slider turtle named Cannon and a Yellow-Bellied Slider turtle named Patch.  The kiddos absolutely love them!  But I think that Mommy is probably the biggest fan!  I love turtles!!

The Mister is also doing really well.  At the end of this month/beginning of July he will be traveling to El Paso to bowl in the USBC Nationals and he’s super excited about that.  It’s not something he’s been able to participate in for several years, so he’s looking forward to it.

We also celebrated our anniversary on May 19th.  We went to have dinner at one of my favorite local(ish) restaurants and then came home to spend a quiet evening together.  Our anniversary gift to one another this year was the workout program P90X3 and we have been doing it together for about 35 days now.  Let me tell you, it has been life

3rd Anniversary Date Night!!  <3

3rd Anniversary Date Night!! ❤

changing!!  I can’t believe how much stronger I feel and how much more energy I have!!  Last month I started on my journey as a Beachbody Coach and I’m learning more and more every day about how to help others find this same happiness for themselves!!


As I mentioned in my last update, I am still posting videos here.  I’d love for you to check out what we’ve been up to lately.  I’m much better about getting content onto that channel…I promise.

Until next time, I hope that you are all doing well and are finding yourselves blissfully blessed!!  😉




PS:  Here are a few more pics….  😉  You can also follow me on Instagram to see pics more frequently!


My “big” girls!!


He’s so good with her…..most of the time. LOL


Turning 13 in less than a month. How did she get so big so fast??


Ryann & Grant at the Dallas Zoo


One of the last “toothless” pics we were able to get of this little mess! ❤

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