{epic blogger fail…..}

Sometimes I seriously question why I even try…..this blogging thing is tough to keep up with.  Sheesh! But then I look back at posts from the past when my babies were much more akin to ACTUAL babies, and I remember……even if I post rarely, I’m still documenting our lives and will be able to hold […]

{a belated update….}

Does anyone else have an issue with time flying by at breakneck speed?? I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that this post has taken me four days to write……four. days. Life seems to be passing so quickly these days that I can barely keep up. These kiddos are going to be […]

{first day of homeschool 2013-2014}

I realize that being able to homeschool is something that not everyone is able to do, and for some it’s not something they would even consider.  Every family is different and has different needs.  But for our family, homeschool is one of the biggest things that keeps us connected to one another. Today was the […]

{one day sale @ Mardel}

If you are still in need of supplies for your homeschooling journey this year, you may be interested to learn that Mardel Christian Bookstore is having a sale tomorrow to help you finish your shopping!!  All of their educational materials will be on sale for 20% off!  Set a reminder on your phone or calendar […]

molding young minds {day sixteen}

In May of this year, Husby and I made a decision that we both knew would greatly affect our family.  We had both become increasingly frustrated with the public school system and what our children were being exposed to.  So, we prayed and researched and finally made the decision to join the ranks of homeschoolers.  […]

i’m still here

Life has definitely been crazy for us lately.  But in a good way….. When we originally starting considering homeschooling as an option for our family, I knew that it would take some adjustments and that we would get it figured out.  And that is exactly what we have been up to.  It took us some […]


I wanted to share a little something with you all today that I just LOVE!!  I’ll start by saying that this isn’t something brand new, so some of you may already love it as much as me.  But, for those of you who AREN’T already in the know…..meet YouVersion!! YouVersion is an online Bible Reading […]

a perfect example

I am fully aware that homeschooling is a very controversial topic right now.  I believe that it’s a decision that each family must make based on their current situation and limitations.  Husband and I knew this when we first discussed homeschooling our children.  But we honestly felt in our hearts that having our kiddos at […]

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