{a look at what’s to come}

Initially this was going to be a post about our little noodle.  But I’ve realized that an update is overdue for us all.  So here ya go!!

We are currently smack dab in the middle of a renovation project on the house that will FINALLY allow for everyone to have the amount of living space we all so desperately desire.  But this renovation project does not make for a stress-free Mommy.  Because it’s not finished.  And things that are unfinished right now tend to freak me out.

Not to mention that we are starting the Spring 2014 soccer season this week which means lots of evenings out of the house and games every weekend until the end of May.  At this point, I’m still excited about this change.  I love getting out there and watching the kiddos play.  And this will be Grant’s first season to play ~ so we are super stoked about that!  But, I’m sure here in the next few weeks, I’m going to be feeling the strain of an over-packed schedule.

On top of a renovation project and the start of soccer season, we are trying to finish up the school year.  One of my favorite benefits of being a homeschooling family is the ability to work at our own pace.  And this benefit is never appreciated more than at the end of a school year!!  The kids are excited about being able to finish “early” while all of the kiddos in public school are sitting in classrooms until the end of May.  Bring on summer spring!!

In exactly six days we will be celebrating our little man’s 4th birthday!!!  I can’t believe how time has flown.  He’s getting so big!  And he’s so smart!!  I love having conversations with him ~ because quite frankly, you really never know what’s going to come popping out of that kid’s mouth!!

I just realized that every sentence in that last paragraph ended in an exclamation.  I’ll try to calm down before proceeding.

Exciting news for this mama, I’m finally getting back into couponing (my checking account is probably most excited about this one) and I’m getting into freezer cooking again.  My goal is to stock the freezer as much as I possibly can before our noodle arrives so that dinner time doesn’t have to be “call dominos” time.

Now, any mommy-to-be can attest to the fact that when that little pink/blue line shows up on a home pregnancy test shows up – it feels like 40 weeks is NEVER going to end.  The first half (at least) of a pregnancy feels like the slowest 20 weeks of your life.

Then you find yourself where I am now – 33 weeks in and wondering how in the world you’re going to manage to “get it all done” before your little one arrives.  This is not the same as wishing time would slow down, because at this point you’re ready to be at the end and finally meet your new little boy/girl.

But, did I mention that I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done??

I’m feeling pretty good overall these days.  Weight gain for this pregnancy is right at 10 pounds….which is a significant change from pregnancy #3 (and #1 and #2 for that matter).  Most days I’m exhausted by bedtime.  But I think that’s to be expected at this point.  And on days when I overdo it (because of all of the “getting things done”) I’m downright pooped.  I love days when I can go to bed feeling like I accomplished something big…..but I usually pay the price for another 24 hours or so.  It just wipes me out!

Baby is growing right on schedule and is looking great according to my midwife.  And boy oh boy, is this an active little one!  We’ve got movement going on pretty much nonstop (or so it seems – I’m sure there are naps going on in there as well).

So, that’s about it for this growing family.  We’ve been busy and are looking forward to getting even busier.  Lots going on ~ and time slows down for no man.

We shall see if I can do a better job of keeping this blog updated…….but for safety’s sake I wouldn’t recommend anyone hold their breath.  Haha!!

Until next time!

Be well,



  1. Additional bonus about being homeschooled is you don’t have to deal with the STARR stress this week… I am glad yall are doing great! I can’t wait for the noodle to arrive as well!
    ❤ Danielle

  2. I know!!! I didn’t even realize it was this week until Ryann mentioned it to me last night when we were standing in line at the grocery store. I could tell she was pretty happy she got to miss out on testing, too! 😉

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