{Chyler Jade ~ 8 week update}

So, it was only AFTER beginning the draft of this post that I realized I never published the 4 week update.

What can I say…..sleep deprived mommy brain wins again!  Heh

But, nonetheless, here we are at 8 weeks.  And we are so absolutely in love with this little girl.  I mean, come on…..how can you not love this face??5 weeks


Chyler is growing and developing right on schedule. Most days I look at her and think “Man, she’s growing so fast!” However, everyone else sees her and comments on how “tiny” she is.

She’s pretty much mastered holding her head up on her own and she spends a little more time each day “playing”. She’s eating like a champ and mommy is excited that we haven’t had to supplement with formula. But, she is having some issues with spitting up. I’m hoping this is just something she has yet to grow out of. All of the research I’ve done says babies sometimes take 2-4 months to stop spitting up. I will be asking her doctor about the problem when we go in next week for her 2-month well check. So, we will see.

She’s also quite a good sleeper MOST NIGHTS! Last night was a very fitful night of sleep for her (and therefore for Mommy as well)….almost as if she knew I would be bragging on her today.

Her daddy is completely smitten with her....as you can tell.

Her daddy is completely smitten with her….as you can tell.

So, that’s about it for now.  As I expected, everyone is completely enamored with her.  She has brought so much joy into our lives already.  And I’m quite sure she will continue to be such a little blessing to us in the days and months to come.


Love to all,

Melony 🙂

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