{little luxuries}

I can remember being a kid and cruising down the highway in my mom’s car with the windows rolled down, the radio playing Amy Grant or Reba, and my hair blowing freely in the wind.  It didn’t matter how hot it was outside……this was just the way things were done….and I loved it! What in […]

{where is the disconnect??}

So, lately I haven’t been able to cross as many items off my “goals” list weekly as I would like.  This bothers me…..a lot. Am I setting goals that are unrealistic?  OR are my goals not matching up with my priorities? This week I sat down with a printed list of my 2013 Yearly Goals […]

{why I choose to be frugal}

The most important decisions we make in life are often also the hardest.  It’s not always easy to make “frugal” living choices.  So, occasionally I need a little reminder of why I’ve made the choice to live this way.  I thought I’d share my frugal mission statement with you today. Plus, it’ll be nice to […]

{finding a church to call home}

Throughout the different seasons of life, we sometimes find ourselves searching for a new church to call home. Maybe your spouse has a new job that has caused your family to relocate. Maybe you are looking for a bigger church with a more active “social” life for you and your kiddos. Maybe you’re looking to […]

{mommy unplugged…..literally}

It seemed almost ironic. Two days prior I had finally picked up the book that I had been meaning to read for at least a month.  My excuse was that I was just “too busy” to sit and read. The book was “The Unwired Mom” by Sarah Mae. It speaks to moms about choosing to […]

{price matching fail ~ a rant}

If you’ve been a couponer or frugalista for any decent amount of time, you’ve probably encountered a problem (at least once) while trying to shop at your local “big box superstore”.  When that happens, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to handle the situation. There is one particular superstore, we’ll call it Bally World for […]

{i’m back}

To say that things have been busy in our part of the world would be a complete understatement. You may or may not have noticed a certain lack of blog posts over the course of the past week.  I apologize.  I have been too busy living life to slow down long enough to write about […]

{no more hiding}

I’ve recently realized that I’m something of a coward. I started this blog a year ago in the hopes that it would provide an outlet for me to express my creativity.  But I’ve found myself squelching the urge to post anything that might bring about adversity or negativity.  It just felt “safer” when it came to certain […]

{ring in the year 2013}

It seems almost unbelievable to me that I’m sitting here writing ANOTHER New Year’s Eve post!  I feel like this year has gone by so quickly, I must have surely slept through some days.  As a child, I never understood why adults always lamented over the fact that “time flies by”.  Back then, I WISHED […]

i’m still here….sort of

I am SO glad that I don’t feel pressured to be a “must write something every day” blogger. Because I would be feeling a little bad about my absence from my site….if I was the type to feel bad about things like that.         (Btw….I originally typed this sentence to read, “if I were the […]

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