i’m still here….sort of

I am SO glad that I don’t feel pressured to be a “must write something every day” blogger.

Because I would be feeling a little bad about my absence from my site….if I was the type to feel bad about things like that.  :/       (Btw….I originally typed this sentence to read, “if I were the type to feel bad…” and Microsoft Word told me that it was grammatically incorrect.  So, I changed it and now it just looks so dumb and wrong to me.  Ick!)

To say that things have been crazy around my house is quite frankly a gross understatement.  Who knew that I would actually be busier this December than last December, at which time I was working a full-time job?!?!  CRAZY!!!

My son, it would seem, is bound and determined to visit the emergency room before he turns three years old.  I don’t know what his deal is lately, but I’ve had to clean blood off of his poor beautiful little face not once, but TWICE, in the past six days.  The first day he hit his upper lip/nose and we spent a good ten minutes trying to get the bleeding stopped.  And tonight he was “acting out” after being reprimanded and hit his head on the very sharp corner of an end-table in our living room, thereby resulting in a small gash on his head that at first had me worried that we would see the inside of the local ER before Christmas.  Geez!  If we keep going at this pace, my son is going to have LOTS of scars to show off to the girls when he’s older.  Lord, I pray it isn’t so.

The girls are both currently gone for Christmas break with their dads.  KJ comes home tomorrow night though, after having been gone for two weeks.  Ryann just left yesterday morning and won’t return until Christmas Day.  It should be an interesting December 25th for us.  I can’t remember a year in the recent past where I’ve had one girl, but not both on Christmas morning.  Oh well.  Just like so many other “split families” we figure out how to make it work.

So, this week I’m going to be working on trying to get some planning started regarding the new year.  I would like to come up with some fun ideas to use here on my blog and I’m open to suggestions.  I have already decided that I will be starting my couponing trips again, although this time on a smaller scale.  I would like to really take some time to hone my skill and figure out what works best for our family.  I’ve also had some friends and family approach me with an interest in learning how to coupon, so I think I’ll be planning a couponing workshop for January.

Tomorrow will be a baking day here at our house.  I have been waiting to do all of the major baking until closer to Christmas Day and now I just can’t stand to wait any longer (that and I think if I wait any longer I will most certainly run out of time and it won’t get done at all).  I also have not wrapped a single gift to be placed under our tree this year.  I think that has something to do with the fact that I started our Christmas shopping late and finished in the “nick” of time.  Heehee.  So, I will be spending some time tomorrow wrapping gifts as well.

Man, it’s gonna be a busy day.  I should probably get some sleep.

That’s about it for us.  I’m sure there are lots and lots of little details that I didn’t mention…..but you get the overall picture.  😉

Love to all,


I just love all things "Christmas"

I just love all things “Christmas”

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