{click ‘n’ pull @ sam’s club}

For a frugal minded shopper, visiting a warehouse to do your everyday shopping is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.  There are so many ways to save money when buying items in bulk.  But there are so many ways to completely blow your monthly budget on the unexpected purchases. While doing some research […]

{free backpacks this week}

If you’re a parent shopping for back to school, you’ve probably found yourself trying to make backpack decisions. Do you buy the cheaper backpack available at Walmart or one of the drugstores, or do you “splurge” on a nice backpack and buy one that actually has a chance at lasting through the year? Well, I […]

{shop smart ~ week of 7/28/13}

This week is going to be a busy one for us, so I’m still up in the air when it comes to shopping.  There are some deals that I’d really like to take advantage of……but nothing that I’ll be devastated about missing if need be. Our youngest daughter has been gone for the past 6 […]

{why I choose to be frugal}

The most important decisions we make in life are often also the hardest.  It’s not always easy to make “frugal” living choices.  So, occasionally I need a little reminder of why I’ve made the choice to live this way.  I thought I’d share my frugal mission statement with you today. Plus, it’ll be nice to […]

{coupon inserts ~ 7/28/13}

Holy smokes!!! I sure hope you all enjoyed your break from inserts last week because this week we have 5 coming! That’s a whole lotta clippin’! This Sunday you can expect 1 P&G, 2 Smart Source, and 2 Red Plum inserts. Coupon availability and value vary depending on the area you live in, but regardless […]

{shopping plan for this week}

Hopefully through the reading of other deal matchup blogs you all got the message that we weren’t going to be getting coupon inserts in yesterday’s paper.  I personally welcome weekends when there are no new coupons issued.  It gives me something of a break and leaves me ready to clip to my little heart’s content […]

{it pays to pay attention}

This week while I was at my local Staples picking up some school and office supplies, I had an experience that I wanted to share with you all.  One of the advertised deals this week was the Kingston 16GB Flash Drive for $9.00.  However, when I got to checkout this flash drive rung up at […]

{price matching fail ~ a rant}

If you’ve been a couponer or frugalista for any decent amount of time, you’ve probably encountered a problem (at least once) while trying to shop at your local “big box superstore”.  When that happens, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to handle the situation. There is one particular superstore, we’ll call it Bally World for […]

{shopping results : week of 7/14/13}

I actually shopped this week!!!  Haha! It took me until Friday afternoon, but I finally managed to get my deal-seeking self to the stores.  I think I did really well, too.  I picked up a couple of unexpected deals and managed to get everything on my “wish list” this week.  As I was heading out […]

{shopping this week}

I didn’t have the best luck in the world shopping last week’s deals…..mostly because I waited so late in the week to go shopping.  So this week I’ll be doing my shopping early!  I’ve got lots planned for this week so I’m pretty excited!  I’m most excited about the fact that I get to start […]

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