molding young minds {day sixteen}

Eager to start learning…

In May of this year, Husby and I made a decision that we both knew would greatly affect our family.  We had both become increasingly frustrated with the public school system and what our children were being exposed to.  So, we prayed and researched and finally made the decision to join the ranks of homeschoolers.  Since this was to be our first year on this journey, we decided to go with the state virtual school.  Basically, we were mailed all of the supplies and equipment that we would need to be able to successfully educate our children at home for the entire school year.

We ended up with boxes upon boxes of books, art supplies, science tools, and computer equipment sitting in our home.  And on August 27th, we began our journey.  Since that time, we’ve had frustrating days and days that left us joyful…..but most days are a mixture of the two.  Do you know what past participle means?  Can you tell me how to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction before dividing by another fraction?  Can you list the different phases in a reptile’s life cycle?  Do you know the name of the explorer who discovered the Lost Aztec City?

If you’re anything like me you might have the vague memory of learning this information what seems like 100 years ago.  But what I’ve realized is that this information has been locked away in my mind since learning it all those years ago. As I sit and read with my children, I discover this and more buried under a mountain of cobwebs in the far recesses of my mind.  I always enjoyed being a student.  I made good grades in school and enjoyed learning.  And now, I am fortunate enough to be able to guide my children along their path they get to experience that same joy!  I’m learning things that I had long past forgotten all over again!

Possibly one of the best parts of being a stay-at-home-schooler is that we have a greater influence on what our children are being exposed to on a daily basis.  No longer do I have my very young, very impressionable girls coming home from school with reports of the new 4-letter word they heard that day, or stories of “this little girl in my class was my friend yesterday, but today she said that she doesn’t like me”.  It has been a huge blessing for our family.Being intentional regarding the education of our children is a decision that we made earlier this year.  But being intentional about teaching our children is an everyday chore.  I make the decision every morning to make the day successful.  I have to make sure every morning that my heart in is the right place before I attempt to influence the minds of my littles.

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless our time together and that we will all treasure the joy of learning!

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