{more dvds}

That’s right!  It’s time for another organizing post.  This one is so incredibly simple that I’m almost embarrassed posting about it.  But I’ve gained so much inspiration in the past from other bloggers when it comes to organizing ideas that I thought, what could it hurt? So here is the problem and the project!!  I […]

{disorganized DVDs no more}

Earlier this year I came across this post on Simply Organized and was completely inspired!!  We own about 50 kiddo movies that my littles have made an absolute disaster of!!  This idea looked like the perfect solution for our dilemma.  But it took me a while to get it done.  I purchased these DVD sleeves […]

a look ahead :: november 11, 2012

I’ve never considered myself a very “crafty” kind of girl.  But lately I’ve been having this really strange urge to make something…..or paint something……or at the very least, break into my kids’ stash of coloring books. Is that strange?? Well, I suppose when you are an avid pinner (such as myself) you’re bound to end […]

organize my space {day eleven}

I would say that I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to organizing.  Most people, although they love the look and feel of an organized space, just simply don’t feel confident when it comes to creating that space.  I, on the other hand, LOVE organizing!!!  I’ve loved organizing since I was a little girl […]

effective time management {day six}

For busy moms, time management is an area of extreme importance.  Because either you manage your time, or it manages you…..or something to that extent.  The reality is that if you fail to manage your time and responsibilities, things just don’t get done, am I right?? So, today I’m looking at my own time management […]

September already…

It’s hard for me to believe that another summer has already come and gone.  Before you know it we’ll be carving turkey, planning Black Friday shopping trips, and seeing Christmas lights when we’re out and about.  Okay, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself ~ but I blame Hobby Lobby.  One quick trip into […]

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