organize my space {day eleven}

I would say that I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to organizing.  Most people, although they love the look and feel of an organized space, just simply don’t feel confident when it comes to creating that space.  I, on the other hand, LOVE organizing!!!  I’ve loved organizing since I was a little girl growing up in my momma’s house.  She knew that if there was a space in our house that needed organizing, I was her go-to girl.

To this very day, I know that I work better in a space that is organized.  However, with three littles and three furry kiddos running around our house, staying organized isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.  I try to keep our house clean and organized, but I’ll be the first person to admit that some days it’s a battle I just can’t win.

Still, there are valid reasons for keeping an organized home….other than the fact that it’s just nicer to look at.  When your space is organized, you can see what you have and what you need.  It saves you from buying unnecessary things when you’re out buying supplies for your family.  It also helps ensure that the items you already own are being properly used and not wasted.  A big problem for the majority of Americans is that we have a surplus of EVERYTHING.  I’ll bet that if you were to venture into your kitchen or bathroom and rummage through the drawers in there, you’d find multiples of items that you have purchased simply because you couldn’t find the one you already owned, or even worse, forgot that you owned one in the first place!!!  We live in an economy where we are constantly barraged with images of the latest and greatest new items.  We needthat new pizza cutter, because the ad promises that it will cut our pizzas faster and with more precision!  Or that new vacuum cleaner that will literally vacuum your floors while you are out gallivanting.  How amazing it must be to come home to shiny clean floors while you’ve been hard at work all day!

This sight makes me super happy!!!

The point that I’m trying to make is that we live in a world that constantly encourages us to add to the mountain of unnecessary clutter that we already have at home.  And we fall into this trap when we have an unorganized abode, because we believe that we really need all of these new contraptions.  If your space is organized, you will not have a need to buy extra cans of evaporate milk (guilty), or body wash, or whatever.  You will know what you have and utilize what you have.  In the long run, you save money and time…..and your home looks much nicer, to boot!

But as I previously mentioned, staying organized isn’t something that’s always easy when you have others in your home.  So, today’s post is a reminder for me to be more intentional about teaching my littles the art of organizing their spaces….as well as keeping our shared spaces organized.  I try not to have clutter in our home, because it makes me feel overwhelmed and scatter-brained.  So, hopefully with a little help, it won’t be quite so difficult to keep up with the clutter that manages to find it’s way into our comfy little space.

For tips on organizing your space you might check out one of my favorite websites:

Also, for a quick view into the most recent organizing project at our home, check out this post!!  And for organizing tips and ideas, check out my Pinterest board!!

Happy Organizing!!

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