{noodle update – week 24}

Wow!  I can’t believe that we are 6 months into this pregnancy.  Before I know it I’ll be counting down the single digit weeks until Noodle arrives!

Our little one is definitely active in there!  Kicking and punching away at Mommy all the time.  And it hasn’t been until very recently (possibly just in the past 2 weeks) that I’ve started to have that “pregnant” feeling.  I get especially tired on days when there is a lot to do.  I’m finding that if I’m on my feet for too long during the day, I suffer the consequences by evening.  Luckily, there are opportunities for Mommy to take a load off during the day, if I’ll just make sure to take advantage of them.  Ahem.

As of right now we still have not decided on a name for our little noodle.  In fact, we’ve really only had one conversation about names and it went something like this:

Me:  What do you think about the name Gertrude?

Husby:  I like that.

Me:  What about Felix?

Husby:  That one is good, too.

And that was the extent of it.  Haha.  At least we still have plenty of time to discuss and decide.

As a side note, we are not naming our child Gertrude or Felix.  In fact, those names are not even in the running…..but I couldn’t very well announce the names that ARE in the running, now could I??

Other than feeling tired by the end of the day (which I don’t particularly believe to be exclusive to pregnant mommys) I’m feeling really good.  As of right now, I’ve gained a total of about 6 pounds with this pregnancy which is a huge difference from my last time around in which I already looked like a bloated hippo by the 6 month mark.  We go for another midwife appointment next week and I’m expecting a normal “routine” visit.

There’s still SO much to do before we can consider ourselves to be “ready” for the arrival of this precious baby.  So, I’m hoping there will be more updates on Mission Baby Ready in the near future.

Be well,

Melony & The Little Noodle


  1. How exciting! I can’t wait for the little noodle to be here! ❤

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