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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Just as I knew it would, the “holiday season” has completely flown by me at a speed that seems almost impossible.  Thanksgiving was amazing, Christmas was magical, and the looming New Year is filled with thoughts of what’s to come.  I’m quite certain that this year is going to be a special one for us as we will be adding another precious member to our blessed and happy little family.

I think for most of us the end of December and the start of a fresh new year brings hope of new beginnings.  That’s probably my favorite part of this time of year.  We all have plans….goals…resolutions….hope.

I wanted to take a minute to glance back at my 2013 Goals and see how much I was able to accomplish.   Unfortunately, from my original list there aren’t many items that can be crossed off completely.  I was able to accomplish a few of my goals, however, and that’s what matters….right?

And with the start of a new month and a new year I figured it was time to set some new goals for myself.  Not surprisingly to me, a lot of my goals are going to remain the same.  I still think they hold value and they are still things that I would like to achieve.  But, knowing that I will be delivering and nursing a new little one almost mid-year will also play a role in choosing “realistic” goals for myself.

Here it is.  My Goals for 2014:


–          Have a healthy baby boy/girl!!

–          Read through my bible in one year (this will be the second year doing this one)

–          Read 24 books in the year 2014

–          Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day

–          Learn to knit (maybe I’ll actually accomplish this one this year!)


–          Enjoy one date night with my husband each month, even if it’s doing something simple and inexpensive.

–          Read 4 books on the topic of marriage

–          Write a love note to Husby every week.


–          Enjoy one “girls only” date with friends each month.


–          Complete 6th grade with Ryann/Begin 7th grade

–          Complete 4th grade with Kamri/Begin 5th grade

–          Continue Pre-K with Grant

–          Enroll kids in soccer for the Spring season

–          Teach girls to sew and crochet


–          Publish content weekly on topics that I find interesting (couponing, organizing, cooking, homeschooling)

–          Continue posting about saving money by using coupons and rewards programs

–          Continue posting about organization in the home


–          NO BANK FEES for one whole year

–          Pay off credit cards

–          Work on keeping my family on budget in regards to areas where I control spending (food, clothing, organizing, decorating, gifts, etc.)

–          Track coupon savings and work toward a goal of saving $3000 in one year simply by using coupons and savings techniques.


–          Remodel pool/game room into bedroom

–          Finish nursery for Grant/Baby

–          Paint bathrooms

–          Work on organizing kitchen and paring down non-essentials

–          Work on organizing chaotic areas and making them more functional (front entryway, game closet, kids closets, etc.)

–          Move toward preparing less processed foods and more “made from scratch” foods for my family.

I’m sure there will be plenty of additions to this list in the months to come, but this seems like a good place to start.  Check back with me at the beginning of each month if you’re interested in seeing goals progress.

Hopefully you all had a safe and happy holiday season with your respective families.  And our sincere wish to each and every one of our friends and loved ones is a year filled with blessings immeasurable.

Be well,


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