{pantry challenge 2013 ~ week #2 meal plan}

So, I don’t know if anyone else finds themselves intrigued by other family’s meal plans….but I am.  And since we are almost half-way through a pantry challenge, I decided to share our meal plan for the week.  It’s nothing too terribly exciting, but being the Type-A personality that I am, I have to plan everything.  So, why not share….right?Pantry Challenge 2013 Edited

Breakfasts: Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Pancake Muffins with Blueberries/Chocolate Chips, Breakfast Burritos, Homemade Cinnamon Bread, Scrambled Eggs & Turkey Bacon, Cereal, Fresh Fruit

Lunches:  Macaroni & Cheese, Ramen Noodles (my kids love this stuff), Flatbread Pizzas, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Southwest Burritos, Chili Dogs

Dinners: Tilapia w/Rice & Steamed Veggies, Chicken & Spinach Alfredo Rollups w/Salad & Homemade Garlic Bread, Jambalaya & Cornbread, Grilled Pork Chops w/Pasta & Veggies, BBQ Sandwiches w/Baked Beans, Leftovers (for the weekend if I don’t feel like cooking)

So, we have pretty much all of the ingredients needed to make every meal on this list.  I’ll need to pick up fresh fruit, bread, salad mix, eggs, and milk.  But other than that, we’re pretty much set.

And I’m excited to put a small dent in our pantry and freezers.

Another thing I’m really looking forward to is shopping next month.  Because I only have one can of pumpkin puree in my pantry right now and that is NOT enough for all of the desserts I’m looking forward to making!  Haha!

Until next time – Be well & eat well,


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