{a temporary and neccessary hiatus}

Although there aren’t many people following my little blog here, I start to feel a little guilty when I go for a week or more at a time without posting.  So, here’s the lowdown.

This pregnancy is kicking my rear-end.  Period.

This is actually my 4th pregnancy ~ but it’s the first that has brought on morning all-day sickness with it.  And perhaps I’ve simply blocked out little details from the past, but I also don’t ever remember being quite this exhausted during the first trimester.

I know, I know…..I’m older now.

But, I’m ready for that 12-14 week mark to hit and praying that I start to feel a little more human normal again.

So, my weekly goals are going to be hit and miss for a while and the pantry challenge has been somewhat thrown out the window.  Steve started a new job at the very beginning of this month, and that meant I had to buy a few things to help with his breakfasts and lunches.  Also, since the majority of my “morning” sickness happens at night, preparing dinner has been a challenge.  I’ve had to resort to ordering pizza for the family three times so far this month and other nights I’m kind of throwing together whatever I can manage to find.  So far no complaints from the family (especially when it’s a Pizza Hut night).  But it would be an understatement to say that I have been sticking to meals that are simple.  I guess that’s one way to get rid of the Hamburger Helper that’s been hanging around in the pantry for 6 months (ick).  And since one of the goals of the pantry challenge WAS to use up those items and get them out of the house, I guess in that respect I’m still challenging on!  (I don’t know…..it sounded good in my head)

I’ll do a separate update on our little noodle.

But other than school for me and the kiddos & work for the Husband things have been pretty quiet around here.

Wait a minute….scratch that.  Things have been anything BUT quiet around here.  Although I’m not feeling up to par these days, we’ve still have lots going on.

Last week I was able to start the new ladies bible study at the church (been looking forward to this all summer), we went to the library, piano lessons, ran errands, and then made a trip back up to the church to participate in our first “Connection Group” also known as small group.  It was a very very busy day.  And it took my the majority of Thursday to recover.  Haha!

This week marked the beginning of a rather large and important remodel/repair project on our house that I’m super excited about.  We are FINALLY getting the siding on our house replaced.  It’s something that needed to happen probably 10 years ago.  And it’s taken about 4 years of nagging gentle prodding from me to get it done.  So far, we are on day 3 of the job and I’m thinking there will be at least one more day of work.  But it’s going to look amazing!!  This project is going to make our house look almost brand new.  (Wishful thinking??)

So, as you can see, things are still moving along at the Merten house.

I’m definitely going to be taking a more relaxed approach to posting updates until I start to feel a little less exhausted.  I’ll update when I can (hoping for about once a week) and if I get the urge I’ll post more often than that.  I’m still contemplating the 31 Days of October Challenge and trying to decide between posting here or possibly doing more of a vlog style update.  Gotta give that one some more thought.

Hope you are well,


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