{pantry challenge update}

So, here we are, one week into our September 2013 Pantry Challenge. It’s been interesting thusfar. I had to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up our perishable essentials a few days ago. What was really intriguing to me was how often I almost picked up something off the shelves to put in my basket, but then stopped when I remembered “I’m not buying anything other than bread, milk, eggs, and produce”. I think that in general, we don’t even realize how many items we are buying on a weekly/monthly basis that we think we need but are in fact just wants.  The marketing gurus at these manufacturing companies are some smart dudes and dudettes!  It’s in fact really hard to NOT buy things!  But, I managed to do it.  I think the only thing we came home with that might not fit the criteria would be the 6-pack of ginger ale that I picked up for myself.  But, being in the first trimester of this pregnancy and fighting random bouts of nausea, I decided to cut myself a little slack this time.

So, here’s what our meal plan looked like this past week.

Breakfasts:  Blueberry Muffins, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits, Corned Beef Hash, & fresh fruit

Lunches:  Freezer Burritos, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Ramen Noodles w/chopped chicken, Leftovers (we had a lot of them hanging around)

Dinners:  Spaghetti w/Meatballs, Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken, Leftovers, Pizza

We ended up having barbecue sandwiches at my parent’s house one night and we were lucky enough to have date night on Friday, so Husby and I got to eat seafood…yum!

We made a small dent in our stockpile, but not a noticeable one.  This upcoming week, however will be different.  I have LOTS of meals planned for us!  And I’m excited to get cooking!

Now if I can somehow manage to keep my energy level up and the nausea level down…..I’ll be good to go!  😉

Tomorrow I’ll be posting our meal plan for the upcoming week….so check back if for some reason you’re strangely drawn to knowing what other people are eating….like me.  🙂

Until then ~ Be Well,


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