{weekly goals ~ September 1-7, 2013}

Although it’s a couple of days late, I figure “better late than never” applies.

My goals for last week were sadly not all completed.  Here is a recap:

Goals for the week of August 25-31, 2013

  1. Continue reading my bible daily
  2. Write out tentative meal plan for September
  3. Walk 20-30 minutes every day outdoors/on treadmill
  4. Do light weights routine twice
  5. Do yoga twice
  6. Finish reading A Full House of Growing Pains
  7. Finish reading Grace Based Parenting
  8. Start reading A Horse Called September to the littles
  9. Make 1-2 new recipes (1 being for the freezer)
  10. Organize master closet

Yup…..that’s it.   But I think the most important thing is that I realized my weekly goals were not jiving for me for a couple of reasons.  A) I’m spending too much time online right before bed at night when I’ve planned on that being my reading time.  B) I’m experiencing severe first trimester fatigue.  And finally C) I don’t own a yoga DVD that I really enjoy and therefore I keep putting this one off every single day.  Lame excuse, I know…..but it’s the truth.

So, after spending some time revisiting my 2013 yearly goals, I decided to give this another shot.  Here is my list:

Goals for the week of September 1-6, 2013

  1. Walk 20-30 minutes daily (even if it’s a leisurely walk, gotta get moving!)
  2. Order Yoga video from Amazon
  3. Start piano lessons with the girls
  4. Increase water consumption to 60 oz per day
  5. 10 PM bedtime every night
  6. Complete one organizing project from my master to-do list
  7. Go on one date with Husby

Goals #4 & #5 are an attempt to fight the fatigue I’m dealing with.  Growing a little noodle is just completely zapping every ounce of energy I’ve got lately.

And I figure that keeping my goals to a more “realistic” pace might help me actually complete more of them.  And we all know that completing my goals for the week will leave me feeling more empowered in the weeks to come.  And who knows, I might actually be able to start being aggressive with my goals in the future.

Well, that’s what I have for this week.  Wish me luck!

Be well,


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