{monthly goals ~ september 2013}

fall 21Holy Moly Gosh!  How is it already the beginning of September??  I feel like we just started August and here we are moving into another month.

So much has happened in the past 31 days that it’s kinda hard to remember it all.  I’m glad I’ve been doing somewhat regular (okay not really regular at all) weekly recaps.

In the month of August we celebrated five birthdays, had some awesome sleepover fun, started a new homeschool year, and learned of our newest family member joining us in nine ten months.  That’s a whole lotta excitement packed into one little month!  Haha

Before I dispense with my new monthly goals, I wanted to revisit my goals for the month of August 2013.

1. Work on establishing a more consistent weekly workout routine.
2. Lose 4 pounds by following through with #1.
3. Begin homeschool year 2013-2014.
4. Begin working out details of my September 2013 challenge.
5. Brainstorm ideas for the 31 day challenge in October.
6. Finish reading 4 books in the month of August.

Looking back on this list, I don’t think I did very well.  So, that’s something that will need to be looked at.  Hmmmm…

Moving forward, here is my personal list of goals for the month of September 2013.

1. Spend some time on personal reflection and figure out why my monthly and weekly goals aren’t jiving.
2. Work on establishing a more consistent weekly workout routine.
3. Maintain weight throughout the month (since I’m carrying a little noodle, losing weight isn’t a realistic goal at this point).
4. Carry out September 2013 Challenge.
5. Finalize plans for October 2013 Challenge.
6. Finish reading 4 books in the month of September
7. Have one date night with Husby
8. Start working on girl’s bedroom remodel and planning update of little kids bedroom (Grant & Baby)
9. Start planning Kamri’s 10 birthday party!!
10. Complete one sewing project with Ryann and Kamri.

Whew!  That’s a lot!  I’m going to have my work cut out for me.  But I really feel like working on goal #1 is going to help me with all of the others.

So, here’s to a productive September!!

Be well,


PS: For a visual look at our month, check out our August 2013 photo album.

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