{what’s cookin’ wednesday ~ cowboy casserole}

Cowboy CasseroleI don’t know about you but one of my “comfort” foods is a big pot of pinto beans and some rice to go along with it!  This recipe combines so of my absolute favorite flavors into one pot of food that’s super simple, super quick, and super cheap to make!

The only element in this dish that requires any real planning or cooking time is the beans, and truly, in a pinch you could just use canned pinto beans from the store.  But, let’s face it…..those just don’t compare with slow-cooked homemade beans.

The rest of this recipe is simple.  I browned up some ground turkey (you could substitute ground beef or even chicken) and when it was almost finished cooking I threw in some finely chopped up hatch chile peppers that I was able to pick up last week for $0.99/lb.  These peppers are extremely mild and perfect for this dish if you have little ones in your home, or perhaps maybe an adult who doesn’t tolerate spicy cuisine.

While the turkey and pepper mixture was working I cooked up a small pot of basmati rice (our favorite by far).  I also added a can of diced tomatoes to the turkey and chiles to give it a little moisture and flavor.

When the rice was almost completely cooked, I added it into the big pot along with several heaping spoons of pinto beans scooped straight out of the slow cooker.  I used the “juice” from the beans to make sure everything stayed loose in my pot and cooked it all together for about another 3-5 minutes.

Topped with some shredded aged white sharp cheddar and a little avocado ~ this dish was amazing!!  In fact, I can’t wait to have some today for lunch…..because you know this is one of those meals that just gets better and better as it sits and melds together!

If you’re in the market for a really inexpensive but super flavorful dinner option, give this one a try!  You won’t be disappointed!

Be well and eat well,


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