A world without WiFi….

Things at the Frugal house have been a little different the past couple of days.  Our internet connection has been taken from us at times.  And when we DO have a connection, we try to just let the kids get on the computers since they have school assignments to complete.  But to be honest, they’ve been doing mostly book work as of late.  Which isn’t really an issue since it is work that has to be completed anyway.

But today at lunch Husband and I were talking amongst ourselves and commented on how much simpler life was before every home in America had the world-wide web.  I personally think that world wasn’t all that exciting and much prefer my current (internet available) version of the world.  He however, could probably do without it….he thinks.

So, I started thinking about what life was REALLY like when I was a kid and there was no texting (no cell phones for that matter), no internet at home, and no tablets (iPad, Kindle, etc.).  We had one TV in our home when I was growing up and everyone watched together as a family or you didn’t watch.  We watched programs like Matlock and Family Ties.  We had dinner together as a family every night.  We had a landline telephone with an answering machine.  If someone wanted to talk to you, they called your house.  If you weren’t there, they left a message on your answering machine.  If you were driving to or from a destination, you were basically unreachable.

Man life was boring simpler.

As for me, I’ll take my WiFi.  I love my iPhone and my iPad and my laptop and my Netflix.  I love being able to carry the internet to any room in the house that I need to go.  I love being able to find inspiration on just about any subject from Pinterest!  I love being able to connect with friends and family via Facebook.  And when I don’t have my internet, my world feels slow.

So what are your thoughts??  Do you think that life was better pre-internet??  Or do you agree with me that life is a lot more interesting now??


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