to my parents {day three}

Today’s blog post is one that I’m sure will come with a lot of emotion for me, but fortunately for me, it’s the good kind.  Today I’m looking at ways that I can be a more intentional daughter. My original home is what most would call “broken”.  My parents divorced when I was seven years […]

to my littles {day two}

I feel like a complete failure as a mommy today.  With a sick Little #3, a sick Husband, and two other Littles who need my attention as well, I’m feeling a little stretched today.  The laundry isn’t done, there are dishes in the sink, my bed is still unmade (gasp!), and I’m seriously caffiene-deficient.  When […]

to my husband {day one}

I can recall very vividly sitting outside on the morning of my wedding day, bible in my lap, a cool breeze blowing, and praying to my Lord, asking Him to give me strength, wisdom, and patience (just to name a few) and to help me be the wife that my future husband needed.  In the […]

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