{a new year ~ 2015}

2015Every year, I sit down to write out a post reflecting on the past 365 days.  And every year, I feel like there are no words adequate enough for such a task.  We’ve all turned a year older, we’ve welcomed a wonderful new blessing into our lives, and we’ve grown even closer as a family.

As we look out upon the new year, we are usually compelled to make “resolutions” for ourselves.  I find myself feeling hopeful at the thought of a chance to start over.  A chance to accomplish goals previously forgotten.  This year is no exception.

With the arrival of our baby girl last year, my life was turned upside down, to say the least.  Somehow once our babies turn into toddlers and then into little boys and girls, we forget just how hard (and exhausting) the “baby” stage is.  I wasn’t able to cross off many goals from my list this past year…..but I have a gorgeous baby girl to love on…and that is more important in my opinion.

Regardless of how little attention I was able to give my Goals list in 2014, it’s officially a new year and a chance to begin again.  Now that Chyler is 8 months old, we are finally starting to settle into a “routine”.  And that could possibly afford me a little more time for goals.  Here is what I’m thinking for 2015.


  • Read through the bible. I was unable to complete this one last year and I definitely felt the difference in my spiritual journey.
  • Read 12 books in 12 months.


  • Spend more time focusing on growing the relationship between myself and my Husband
  • Enjoy six dates with my sweet Husband


  • Finish Pre-K / Begin Kindergarten with Grant
  • Follow God’s direction on whether to homeschool Ryann & Kamri or place in public school.
  • Enroll kids in soccer for Spring season
  • Continue nursing Chyler through first birthday.


  • Post recipes, money-saving tips, and organization tips
  • Post family updates weekly/monthly
  • Post Vlogs on Youtube as often as possible.


  • No Bank Fees for one year
  • Regular payments on credit cards
  • Work on improving credit score
  • Work on keeping my family on budget in areas where I control spending (food, clothing, organization, decorating, gifts, etc.)


  • Remodel kitchen
  • Remodel Master Bathroom
  • Move toward preparing less “processed” foods and more “made from scratch” foods for my family.

This list seems small…..otherwise known as doable for me.  But I think that’s what is best for me at this point.

In addition to writing out a list of yearly goals, I thought I would also choose a word to focus on for the next year.  After giving it much thought, I decided on the word “Simplify”.  I want to work on eliminating clutter, both mental and physical, from my life.  So, this year I will be working on doing just that.

Here’s to a new year full of simplicity and love.

Until the next post ~

Be Well, Melony


  1. Love this! I need to be thinking forward to 2016. It crazy that something that should be simple like no bank fees can actual be harder that it seems! Fees are pure evilness on earth!

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