{so here we are}

I just love the little nose.....

We are FINALLY halfway through our pregnancy!  Whoo-hoo!!

I’m almost ashamed to admit that it has taken me almost 20 weeks to get back to the point of feeling “normal” again.  But hey….that’s pregnancy for ya!

I also am extremely excited to report that for about a week and a half now I’ve been feeling little flutters kicks start up.  It’s so exciting!  Definitely my favorite part of being preggo!

As of 20 weeks I still haven’t gained any weight.  However, I do look semi-roundish in the tummy area so I’m assuming that weight is just re-distributing itself in different areas on my body.  I, for one, and completely fine with minimal weight gain because by the end of my last pregnancy I looked like a bloated cow!  Yeesh!

So, now that we are well on our way to meeting this little boy/girl and have successfully made it past the scary first trimester, I’ll be posting more frequently about my weight, pregnancy symptoms, and updates on our little noodle.  Not so that I can completely bore the heck out of anyone reading along, but because I realized that I didn’t keep notes on practically anything with my previous pregnancies…..and that’s a bummer.  😦

For now, that’s the update.  Noodle is currently kicking me as I type this and therefore, my heart is filled with sheer joy!  🙂

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