to blog or not to blog {the end of the 31 day challenge}

When I started this 31 day challenge, I really had no idea what to expect.  I am a new blogger and had entertained the thought of making it part of my daily routine.  I am not, by nature, a very creative person and this blog is one of the very few ways that I express my creativity.  I figured this challenge would be a good way for me to test out those waters.  And what I have learned in the past month is this, I am not meant to be a professional blogger…at least not at this point in my very busy life.  And on multiple occassions, I’ve thought to myself, “I’d like to write about ________ topic, but I can’t because I haven’t finished my 31 day challenge.”  I know, crazy right!!

I’ll readily admit that there were days this month that I never had a chance to write a new post and it got pushed to “tomorrow’s to-do list”.  And at first I felt immensely guilty about that.  But then I realized, the reason my blogging was pushed to the end of my priority list was because I was being more intentional with my time in other areas.   And wasn’t that the original purpose of the challenge??? 

I was spending precious time with my husband, making wonderful memories with my littles, and spending time on my knees in prayer, asking my Father for guidance.

No longer did I feel guilty.

So, although I’ve enjoyed this challenge and the journey that it’s taken me on I can say with all certainty that I will not be an everyday blogging mama.

I choose my husband.

I choose my babies.

I choose my prayer time.

I choose the few quiet moments I can grab every day to spend reading my bible.

I choose to spend my time serving my family by providing a clean home and healthy meals for them.

It’s funny what happens when you embark on a journey like this.  More often than not, the outcome that you expect is nowhere near the place you find yourself in the end.

So, I will continue sharing my random thoughts on this blog that I’ve come to love.  But I will not put pressure on myself to be the blogger with hundreds of followers who stays up until midnight (or later) trying to submit the next day’s post.  This site was originally intended to help me preserve memories for our family…..and that’s what it’s purpose shall continue to be.  I hereby wave my little white flag in the face of this challenge and admit defeat……..without a shred of guilt in my body.  😉

I hope that you’ll continue to follow us on our journey.


  1. I hear you friend! I feel the same way. Although I love blogging, I like it as an outlet, not a profession. I think that the key to blogging is to find what works for you and just do it, and not worry about how everyone else blogs. Whether you continue blogging or not, I am glad that we connected!

  2. I’ve decided to continue blogging. I enjoy the ability to put my thoughts into words (albeit not always well). I’m just not going to let myself feel pressured, like you said, to blog like everyone else blogs. That’s not why I started blogging in the first place. I’m so glad that we connected as well!!! I’ll admit that I blog stalked back to NaturalChicMama…..I feel like you and I would be fast friends in the “real life”. I’ll just have to settle for virtual buddies….Thanks so much for being so encouraging to me during this process! It meant more than I can express! 😀

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